Mr. Nehil is a Principal and Co-Founder of Nehil · Sivak, P.C. His duties include all phases of management and production for the firm. He directs the analysis and design of concrete, steel, masonry, and other structural systems for new facilities. He specializes in the evaluation and renovation of existing facilities in wood, masonry, steel and concrete, addressing the structural frame as well as the building envelope. He also places emphasis on analysis, design, evaluation, and repair of pre-tensioned and post-tensioned concrete structures. He is an instructor at Tillers International in Kalamazoo for timber framing and traditional stone masonry classes.

Prior to founding Nehil · Sivak, Mr. Nehil was Vice-President of Carl Walker Engineers. He acted as Principal-In-Charge of Production for the Kalamazoo Office of that firm, and Manager of the Evaluation and Restoration Group.

While with Bechtel Power Corporation, Mr. Nehil was involved in numerous analytical and design projects involving soils, masonry, steel, and concrete, both prestressed and conventionally reinforced, and held a position on the Chief Civil/Structural Engineer’s Staff.

Prior to completing his Civil Engineering degree, Mr. Nehil worked as a professional carpenter, foreman and superintendent for various construction companies in Michigan, South Carolina, and New Hampshire, with most of his experience being in renovation and remodeling of commercial and residential structures.